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Jennifer Jones

Specializing in self love, multidimensional color, grey coverage & extensions


I'm originally a Louisiana girl but have spent more that half my life in Little Rock, so I guess that makes me a hog not a tiger.  I have been fortunate to serve the hair needs of Arkansas women for 22 amazing years.

I'm married to my biggest supporter (other than my momma) and we have the cutest 4 year old boy you have ever seen along with a standard poodle.  When I'm not at the salon I am spending the weekends chasing Jalen around.  I am obsessed with everything personal growth, holistic health, essential oils, and clean living. Self care is non negotiable.

I know exactly what it’s like to not feel comfortable in my own skin. I spent many years, starting as a teenager, abusing my body with toxic substances, negative self talk, and straight up neglect. Turning all that around in my late 20’s led me down a journey of self discovery and reconnection. Throughout the years I have explored many different modalities and self care rituals. I truly know what my mind, body, and spirit need to show up everyday as my best self.

This is exactly what I want for you. I not only want you to love the way you look when you leave your salon experience but I want you to feel reconnected to your most inner self. It is my joy to pour into you the way you do everyone else.

We will start every service with my signature Reconnection Ritual which includes aromatherapy, guided meditation, and upper body massage. We will discuss all your hair goals and pain points, then come up with your perfect hair ritual. Next you will experience our signature shampoo ritual, followed by a blowout. You will feel revived mind, body, and spirit.

I am honored and humbled to be able to serve you with your most intimate self- your outward body and your inner soul.

Love & Light



Service Menu

Base Color            $105.00 +
Partial Highlight   $132.00 +
Full Highlight        $162.00 +
Balayage               $270.00 +
Keratin                  $357.00 +

Keratin Express    $174.00 +

All services are a la cart.

I offer Tape-in and Hand-Tied Extension Methods. Consultation needed before booking.

At this time online booking is not available.

To book an appointment  email:

or call or text: 501-227-8813

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