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McKenzie Carney


I specialize in grounding women  back into their body while calming the nervous system during my intuitive holistic facial experience.

I am married to my best friend and my biggest encourager,  traveling and spending as much time as we can in nature are some of out favorite things. We have three fur babies that we rescued and are extremely spoiled!

I have been in the beauty industry since 2013, and a lot of change and growth has happened since.  For many many years I struggled with major anxiety, negative self talk, depression, and I had zero self love.  I have been and will be on a never ending journey of growth, healing, and reawakening my soul.  This journey has led me to begin offering this ritual experience that is an intimate part of my soul.

Our mind, body, and soul are deeply and energetically connected  as well as our skin and our tissue hold and store so much emotion and energy within. My holistic massage can move that stored energy. While you are relaxed, still and with your body, you are able to release and let go.

During my facial experience we start with some breath work and aromatherapy. This practice helps to calm your mind, relax your nervous system and connect back with your body followed by using some incredibly beautiful products.  I do a scalp, neck, shoulders, and décollete massage as well as a hand and arm massage.  For my 90 minute I offer a foot and calf massage.  I hope that this inspires you to give yourself some love and care.  You deserve it!

I am truly honored to show you a part of my soul while I nourish yours.

Sending love,



Service Menu

60 minute facial experience           $111.00

90 minute facial experience           $155.00

30 minute foot ritual                         $55.00

Extras / add ons

Dry brushing                                      $15.00

Gua sha                                              $44.00

Facial cupping                                  $22.00

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