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Thermal Therapy Massage Bed

Our Jade Bed is an FDA approved Medical Class II device for pain and relaxation.  It is based on the principals of Chiropractic care, massage, and acupressure and inferred heat.

This deep tissue thermal massage bed takes massage to another level:

  • ​It utilizes infarred heat that penetrates deeply into muscles and tissuses.

  • Heated jade stones create mood-boosting and detoxifying ion benefits.

  • Heated jade rollers move along the spinal contour and acupressure points relieving pain along the back and legs.


  • Increased oxygen movement

  • Decrease pain and inflammation

  • Decrease muscle stiffness

  • Decrease stress.


If you have any of the following please consult your physician prior to use: phlebitis (blood clots), fused disc, implanted spinal rods, surgical hardware, spinal implants, pacemaker, internal cardiac device, malignant tumors, pregnancy, reactive skin disorders, currently being treated for cancer, surgery in the past six months.

Please hydrate properly before and after massage 

38 min session $35.00
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